by heather   Apr 5, 2006

Every time i look into you're eyes I fall deeper and deeper in love with you
you're the sexiest man alive, and all I wanna do is be your girl
whenever i am not around you all I ever seem to do is think about you
whenever we're apart it seems like part of me is missing baby
i just wanna say
i love you
you're the only one who lifts my spirits up, you're the only one who makes me smile
baby oh how I wish you knew that i adore you
i just gotta have you by my side
i wanna feel your touch
this isn't just a Lil crush
i want you so bad
when you say that you love me i get all tingly inside, and i just want to be with you
to kiss you, and to feel you're arms around me would be a dream come true
I've never felt this way before
i love you, i hope that you feel the same way
I've waited so long for someone like you
i cant imagine my life without you in it
i love the way that you laugh when i do, and say something stupid
i love the way that you hold me when i am sad
i love the way that you look at me
i love everything about you
you're my life
i only wish that I was you're girl


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