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Hey my names heather im 19 i recently graduated from Jordan Elbridge High School and BOCES in early childhood I work at Mercy Rehab center as a PCH I got accepted at CCC and will be going there in the fall for Early Childhood I love to play volleyball hang out with friends and hangout at the mall i am a very crazy person i love to have a good time if you ask any of my friends they will tell you that i am very dumb at times i get confused easily im not a perfect person and i never will be i love my friends they are my life and i wouldnt trade any of them for anything especially my best friend katie she has always been there for me no matter what and i love her with all my heart i hate liers and people who are conceited if you dont like me then dont talk to me i am not here to impress you i am who i am and no one will ever change that my boyfriends name is ryan and he is totally amazing we have been together since july 7th 2009 and he is the BEST!!!! thats ever happened to me I love him with all my heart he is my life hes the guy at the end of the day that I know I can come to with any problem or if I just wanna talk that will ALWAYS!!!! be there he supports me through everything and makes me feel like a total princess without him i dont know where id be hes shown me the meaning of true love and that you dont have to pretend to be someone your not that hes my rock I love you baby always and forever you and me so many people can go all their lives looking for what we have and never find it

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  • Jack (1)

    Jack I love you with all my heart
    you're the only one for me...

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  • Many people will put you down and make you feel like you are nothing, but don't let that get you down be who you want to be live how you want to live and in the end you will know who you're true friends are.

    14 years ago
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