by Colton   Apr 8, 2006


To Cherish and Respect and always be fair
Never once in your life should you toss \'Love\' in the air
but if you know it has meening,And it comes from the Heart
dont treat it like a game, it can rip your feelings apart

Take a second and cherish, atleast one moment of the Day
To hold that special loved one,Let only your heart lead the Way
Talk openly about your feelings,let that special girl know you Care
Winning the lottery isnt lucky,Finding True love is what\'s Rare

When your With each other Eternity is nothing but a step Away
your love will continue to grow with each and every passing Day
Time and work goes into this feeling,Build your life as if it were clay
it will never \'die\' and never \'fade\' because love is There to stay

Love will always speak honesty,never hesitate with Truth
its Loving heart keeps out the rain,Love is a Magical Roof
For if its down and Running slow, you know just what to do
Open your arms engage with Love,As you stare, whisper \"I Love You\"

By: Colton Summers


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  • 14 years ago

    by -annie vandergaag

    Beautiful colton -- i feel the exact same way! people are too scared to show their feelings, and as a blunt person, it drives me nuts! keep up the good writing!