Love at First site

by Colton   Apr 10, 2006

Love at first Site

I walked up to her, as my face lit Red
Lost in my words, nothing Could be Said
For if she knew, just how I felt
My poems to her, would make her Melt

The future I see, My dream Come True
Raising a family, Just me and You
Walks on the beach,Never a grouch
Snuggling with Each other,Alone on the Couch

On Our HoneyMoon,Our love has travelled so Far
As we live out our Dream,To get married under the stars
I gaze apon your beauty,And beautiful Dress that Shines White
sharing my Dream Come true, with my Love in the moonLight

Together We share a Cruise,For our journey back Home
I ask myself how i got so lucky?,My heart was always Alone
My Life was so Empty and Dark,God Sent me a angel in the Light
For I\'ve been Givin Eternal Happiness,I Call it \"Love at First Site\"


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