by [crimson] tearz_fall   Apr 22, 2006

Black tears stream down her face
Shes been hurting for so long that it can't be replaced

Everyday she puts on a show
Of laughter and fake smiles, so no one will know

She hides her arm with long sleeves
Ashamed of the scars, not wanting
anyone to see

Love has broken her heart many times
Broken promises, betrayed trust, and lies

She wants to give, just to quit
Shes living on hope thats decreasing,she can't take this shit

So alone in this place
She stuffs away the pain, because the truth she cannot face

No one could ever understand how she feels
Because she doesn't let anyone know how much of this pain is real



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  • 13 years ago

    by TormentedSoul

    Awesome poem! but i think if you put the poem more into stanzas it would make it look more longer and alittle easier to read

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