The Cure

by ~*Ley*~   Apr 23, 2006

I want to take the bottle from your lips
And wash the blood off your fingertips
To hold you close, so you know I\'m there
And listen to you cry bout the world unfair

I want to tell you that out there is a cure
That can even help those remarkably unpure
That this cure can help you if you only ask
And come out from behind your sullied mask

This cure is no parent nor shrink nor priest
For those can sometimes provide the least
This cure is simply your truest ally
The one capable of keeping your eyes dry

The journey will be hard and relentless
But I\'ll be there for you reguardless
Eventually your feelings and your heart will mend
And I\'ll still be there till the journey\'s end

*the last stanza was a little quickened and a bit raw, I guess I\'m still a bit rusty*


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