Eight-month life

by Felipe Gomez   May 10, 2006

His heart so tiny and small
a heart you can barely see at all
but his life has already formed
and awaits his eight months to be born

In eighteen days, his heart is beating
in his mother's womb, his living
beginning to move around
his body so tiny and round

His finger- prints and finger- tips
and his tiny bones on his hips
his ten fingers and ten toes
aligned in perfect rows

Being able, he smiles and frowns
and moves his head up and down
quenching his eyes and forehead
and his growing soft- like head

At sixteen weeks in age
he passes yet another phase
reacting to noises of anger
and scared of unwanted strangers

Sucking his little thumb at first
to fulfill his wanting thirst
stretching and yawning
hiccuping and swallowing

Pushing his feet and hands
against the womb's bands
toning his developing strength
and the growing of his hair in length

Twenty-four weeks of life beginning
eight- month life almost ending
but already sleeping and wakes
hearing disturbed noises, he sakes

Sleeping with first time dreams
and rejoicing as he sings
his time to come is a breath away
to live he hopes and prays

As the day comes to see the light
he hopes everything turns out right
to see his loved mother
and be with her, no one other

Feeling a needle touch his skin
crying out as it penetrates in
with his kicking and punches
his life ending with rushes

A salt-water injection
a terrible depressing lesson
he thrashes in her womb
knowing he will die soon

Letting go his last ounce of air
watching his life end unfair
a death he could not escape
from the lack of his mother's fate

An hour later he is now born
but his body is crumbled and torn
too sad and depressing to look at
his terrible and horrible fact

Eyes and mouth shut tight
unable to have a fight
fingers and toes glued together
his life completely ended forever

The doctor holding him in arms
seeing this innocent child harmed
unable to look
he puts him in to cook

Eight months of growing
kicking, crying, and turning
just to burn to ashes
leaving marks and dashes

An eight- month life gone
by a choice that was wrong
to kill this innocent infant
in a quick sudden instant

An estimated 120000 to 1200000
abortions a year are being held in the U.S. alone. This abortion though, was held in S. America this year. Please, if you or someone you know is thinking about abortion, please, reconsider. Give him/her the opportunity to make something of that child and not like this child left in ashes.


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  • 3 years ago

    by Wallflower friend

    Amazing poem. I loved it

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    by isa

    OMG i just love this poem too
    good job ....

  • 12 years ago

    by kasia nicole

    I also loved this poem keep writting good job

  • 13 years ago

    by Unknown2Thyself

    Omg i fing love this poem it is so good. It is so real awesome poem hun and keep writing!