Do you miss him?

by Dawn   May 15, 2006

Do you miss that guy you use to see,
The one who's now just a memory?
Remember his smile? remember his walk?
Remember the way you both use to talk?
Do you miss those moments where it felt as though it were only you two?
Or when he held you close and you thought you knew,
That this was the way it was meant to be.
But those moments were always to short, you see,
For they weren't long enough for him to realize,
That when you looked into his eyes,
You wanted to be the one for him,
And that you would go out on a limb,
Just to show him this was true,
Yet he called you clingy and needy after a month or two.
How does caring about someone make you clingy?
How does actually wanting to be with them make you needy?
Now you have moved on or so you say.
But your knees still get weak on those odd days,
Where you see him, but he can't see you,
Or he'll act like there was never anything between you two,
And your friends will ask you if your alright,
And you'll say yes until they're out of sight,
Then you sit there and cry,
And tell yourself he's just a stupid guy,
But there use to be something there,
Something you both did share,
And you wonder all the time,
Why he had to change his mind?
To leave you hanging on,
To something he said was "long gone"?
So...Do you miss that guy you use to see?
The one still lingering in your memory?
The one who will stay in your heart,
No matter how far you are apart,
Because you knew there was something there,
Something you both did share...


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  • 13 years ago

    by Reanne

    Great Poem, I can really relate to it... I think alot of girls can... Keep up the great work
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