by Dreams   Jun 6, 2006

A realistic measure
Comforting it is to know
That your thoughtfulness is in tow
But what is it that I ponder
Through the day and night
Your carefulness?
Or your earnest sincerity?

Some may say,
'Dear, dear, what sophisticated
mind you have! You do have
some fair amount of free time I see.'

But who can answer my call
When imperfection is not a doubt?
And who is it to say
my life with you is a bless?

'Like the spring flowers,'
You'd hear them say
Eyes bright and big in awe
But I say,
'A bunch of fools in drool!'

Living behind naked doors
And yet they remain soft and pure
Thinking they are angels from above
These are what I called,
'The fools who think they know it all!'

And what is it that they have said
The day they heard your perfect tale
Speaking with eyes that filled with hurt
When all you did was be my guide
Held my hand and sent me off

'Burn! Burn to hell you filthy witch!
And in hell you shall rest in peace!'

There I stood against the raging flame
With you kneeling begging for a second chance
'If hell were the place to be,
let me be the one to go,
for it's you I've swore my love,
to protect, devote and care,
oh my love, what have I done?'


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  • 13 years ago

    by LovesColdEmbrace

    Beautiful.Descriptive. Absolutely Amazing.<3

  • 14 years ago

    by LovesColdEmbrace

    I love this

  • 14 years ago

    by uponfairywings

    Beautifully written, great poem!

    xoxoxo Haley