Dont worry i know

by Chloe Cain   Jun 6, 2006

I love you, you KNOW that. I\\\'ve loved you since the very first night we met; back when i didn\\\'t believe in love at first sight. you feel it, i know, so why do you fight it? i watch you watching me, watching you, watching me. across the room i glance and see you turn your head, ashamed that i saw - a weakness, just a moment - but a weakness. i know you better than anyone has ever known you. i can feel it - my heart beats, for you. i breath, for you. i wake up every morning and try to live another day. and i see you with your proud lies. every day you tell yourself you don\\\'t want me. but i feel your heart come alive when i touch you, your skin, your eyes, the tremble, the ache of your body when you hold me. its life, electricity - it\\\'s desperate, its hurting, its pain - pure and wonderful pain. and in that moment your body betrays your mind and you are just a boy who LOVES this girl. and i know. don\\\'t worry, i know


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    by Chloe Cain

    Hey everyone - id just like to say thank you to everyone who has taken the time to read my poem and especially thank you to those who have voted i really appreciate that.

    i would also be REALLY grateful if anybody could comment or vote on this or any other one of my poems - ill really love to get some feedback!

    thankyou very much, Chloe Cain