Midnight Dreams

by Btw Raising Hell And Amazing Grace   Jul 8, 2006

....... beneath the stars of heaven, I lay in the bed of my baby's truck, Cuddle in his arms. no one can take me away nor tell me that i cant be with him. His touch is abrasive and gentle all at the same time. he breath across the nape of my neck every time he breaths sends lightening strikes of ecstasy down my body where His hands are Running across and feeling every dip to my body style from my hips to my breast. The time passes so slowly but, yet so fast. I want to spend the night wrapped in his arms under neath the pale moonlight that sends soft rays down over us I look up at his face, with as he woulds say, My deep blue need you eyes. I feel a high I never felt before.

He leans down to kiss me.......


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