Question 4 u to answer??

by lana   Jul 9, 2006

Can i ask you a question
Whisper it softly in your ear?
I can see your hesitation
Do you know what i want to hear

Can you see it in my eyes?
Can you feel the hope in my heart?
Just answer my question
Ive known the answer from the very start

Look me in my eyes
Please don't turn away
Just let me hear it
You know what i want you to say

tell me that you love me
And you'll never let me go
Tell me that you need me
but please don't tell me no

As i search your eyes for the answer
Your voice must speak first
you tell me my love is what you thirst
And i feel my heart burst

I hear you say you are in love
And its my name i hear
As the words escape your lips
I let go of all my fear

Now I've stolen your heart
That I've wanted so long
This has never happened before
So we both have to be strong

Please say you'll never look away
And I'm the only one you see
The love in your eyes
Is only for me


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  • 15 years ago

    by James

    WOW.....that is Great wish I was the lucky guy that had a sweet girl that cares.....Thank you for the lovely comment :)

  • 15 years ago

    by Dionne Jones

    Truely touching poem, 5/5