Trying to love you

by lana   Apr 20, 2007

With my Beautiful first
She filled my every thirst
I new i Loved her
From ear to ear
I was the best for my child
Even after i won the papers he filed

But this one
What have i done
I'm trying to make myself love you
And I'm trying to make it true

But what if i am wrong
After all this He's the one that longed
For you
When he says He loves me I see it not true
Hes just waiting on you!

I want to love you
Like i love my 1st i really do
I'm trying too
But its hard

I'm so sorry
That I'm all over and worried
I'm a bad mum
And now even worse than some

They would love you right away
not keep the words to themselves
and they would tell you that everyday.

About my unborn son and daughter and husband


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