Irony Love

by Tinkerbell   Feb 27, 2004

We are so close but yet so far away.
Closeness send us farther apart.
Hugs bring tears and kisses bring pain.
So much love and so much hate.

I should hate you but I love you.
What is wrong with me? What is wrong with us?
I should love you but I hate you.
Living the opposite of what reality should be.

Standing near you pushes me further away,
but getting away pulls me closer.
I want a hug from you,
but I don't want you touching me.

I want you near and in arm's reach,
but I want you far away at the same time.
How can this be possible and real?
How can I love you and hate you all in
the same day, same hour, and minute.

It's not that I can't decide how I feel.
It's just that you have a talent,
a talent to bring smiles and tears and then take them all away again.
How can we fix all this irony and confusion?

It's a constant cycle that we're both trapped in.
Why can't we just break free?
Why can't we throw out all the hate,
and let it be the way it used to be?
Why can't we just learn to love again?



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  • 14 years ago

    by Getting Out of the Sea

    I can feel the same pain. Pain love. It is hard to understand but sometimes I feel like it is my fault 2 fall in love with a guy I love but it is not my fault. it just happens because I feel I should hate him but I love him and sometimes I should love him but I hate him. maybe, we have a same love commons. we can talk about love bc we feel the same pain. I give you 5/5 bc it is a beautiful, pain love poem. good job.