Why ? i miss you !

by jennifer   Jul 19, 2006

Watching you sit next to her

As you run your fingers through her hair

Never even remembering the times we had

Without a worry or a care

Moving slowly toward her face

Lips echoing in a motion that was slow

I tighten my grip as I remember

I loved you more then you know

You kiss her passionately

As the fire builds in my eyes

The plan runs through my head

Along with tears I cried

I followed her home

Planning my next move

Why should I be upset any longer?

I have nothing more to lose

You broke my heart once before

No longer shall I feel the pain

Why did I always walk outside when I cried?

No one could tell, because I walked in the rain

The feeling of driving this blade

Right into your new girl

Makes me forget all the pain

And gives my heart a thrill

After I complete my dirty deed

And drop her bloodstained body on your door

Maybe for once, you'll think of me

My dear, sweet amour

Suddenly thoughts fill my head

As the tears sting my eyes

*I think* What am I doing?

. Why should I be alive?

No one cares for me

You never really did

So why should I be killing

Such an innocent kid?

You shouldn't have hurt me

I still cant believe all those lies

I just want to drown you

In all the tears you have made me cry


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