I'm still in love with you!

by ~*Layna*~   Jul 21, 2006

It's been a long time,
And even I don't know how I feel.
Even though I know it happened,
I keep thinkin' it's not real.

You were there and so was I,
So what is all the fuss?
It's just been awhile since I talked to you,
And there's things we should discuss.

There is one problem,
That I can't exactly let go.
I'm not real sure if it was true,
And that's why I need to know.

"I love you" is really strong,
And it almost took me out.
I trusted you though and said it back,
I knew you'd always be there without a doubt.

So even though you are miles away,
There's something I need to do.
I need to make sure you know,
That I'm still in love with you.!

Kay, I betchya you know who this is about...lol!


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