Insane Love

by Vikas Tapan Bhadra   Jul 29, 2006

Love in my mind
Pain in my heart

Moonsoon is the season
let me unwind

Love is kind
But mom does mind

Feelings suppressed,i go to bed
Should i ever love someone friends and family see red

Ohh love please
Don,t trouble me atleast
You make me unwell
Please go to hell

No No No Please Don,t Go
Stay Stay Stay Stay Away
Eye for an eye
Scorn for an scorn
Is this love or hate overthrown

So dear love if you want me to love
Love me unconditonally,love me that way
Love me that way so that i fel happy and gay

So in came April
heading towards May
And in my apartment i lay
Looking for the sun
the ray of hope
love fill thy mind
let hatred elope

Love fill thy mind
hatred thy heart
bruised ego goes on joyride of a kind

joyride is kind
but the being unkind
love is missing
its the tie that binds


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  • 14 years ago

    by xlovelyxdespairx

    Fantastic poem.Your a great writer.

    much luv,