That\'s how strong my love is

by JMH OWNS   Jul 31, 2006

Girl, you just dont know how much I love you.

Just dont know what I will go through,

just to show you, how much I love you too.

My love for you will never...never, never, never die.

Baby, I want to be the one to wipe away your tears, from your eyes.

I want to be the one that will never tell you goodbye.

Whenever you come around, baby, I get so weak in my knees.

Because youre so beautiful, more beautiful than heavens seas.

Baby, you can give me everything life cant give me,

and thats is true love from the heart.

And baby, I will never do anything to break it apart.

For a beautiful woman I would do anything,

but for your love I will do more.

So much more, so much more than all the men youve met before.

Baby, I will sit on the floor, my back up against your door.

Write you a poem, slip it under the door,

so you will shine the world with your beautiful smile.

And when youre frowning, I will clown around like a child.

Just to make you smile.

Baby, I wouldnt able to explain my love more,

cause no word is big enough and the world would ran out of time.

Baby, realize how much I love you, please realize,

and please let me be able to call you mine.

Let me put my arms around you from behind.

Kiss you, and tell you how much I love you.

thats how strong my love is


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  • 15 years ago

    by chan

    That was awesome 5/5!! Hope the girl did smile

  • 15 years ago

    by StephanieH

    I like this poem a lot,you have good writting skills Keep it up!!. check out some of my poems pleasee Thank you!