The Good of All

by Bursonater   Aug 3, 2006

The people will fight
There will be war
Many will die
for the good of all

We fight with guns
We fight with words
There will be frowns
For the good of all

They fight in paddocks
They fight in rooms
This will not help
For the good of all

The good for all will come
After those who fought
After those who died
Are back and strong

The good of all will come
When those with guns
When those with words
Are disarmed by smiles

The good for all will come
Once those paddocks,
Once those rooms
Are full and alive

The good for all will come,
Will come with Jesus Christ


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  • 13 years ago

    by Lenny

    !!!!!!!!!!!!! Awesome stuff, the suspense! The allure! Edge of the seat stuff. More, more, MORE!

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