Love like Rain

by Deathcanwait   Aug 4, 2006

Oh look at the rain
Do you think its depressing?
Or maybe romantic?
But I dont care.
Because theres nothing I can do
To prevent it falling on me
I guess its a bit like love
But also the antithesis
Because the rain falls down and drowns me
But with love I fall into it
Like rain theres nothing to stop it
It depends on your point of view
With rain you can see it coming
But I guess love creeps up on you
Oh I dont like the rain
I dont know what its saying
Is it trying to make me feel cold?
Or is it only making me shiver
So that eventually I will feel warm?
Yes its just like love
Its cleansing but also dirty
It can stop and start suddenly
Youre never sure if you want to be in them
But when they stop, inside youre empty
So is rain and love the same thing?
Am I trying to avoid them both?
Or do I want to fall but not fallen on?
I know Ill want it when they both have all gone
Thats just like me
Thats just like me
I want to fall but fall genteelly
Can I have a break?
Can I please have a break?
Let me fall with out the heart ache
Just like a storm
Like the rain in a storm
It makes me cold but after feels warm
Oh I want to fall.


Copyright © 2006 M.H.


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  • 15 years ago

    by Jerbear

    Wow! I gave you a 5! wonder poem about rain, I have never put it that point of view before I read this! wonderful work, keep wrting...