A Fellow

by ♥Diana Cardero ©♥   Oct 8, 2006

A scholarly fellow walked my way,
He stood in front of me with nothing to say.
He was very quiet, and was kind of short,
His unique style reminded me of sports.
He wore weird shoes, I have never seen,
He had a silver chain and two golden rings.
As I walked with him, he grabbed attention.
His style of talking was from another dimension.
He had captivating eyes which complement his skin,
If I was blind I could mistake him for a noble King.
His hair was black and cut to perfection,
His serious look can sometimes give you a bad impression.
Believe it or not, he was very smart.
He was a true warrior with a lot of heart.
Polite and generous everywhere he went,
It seems he had the power of healing for he made problems relent.
He is very friendly and loves to sing,
But believe not what you see, for looks can be deceiving.

Diana Cardero (c)


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