It Can Never Be

by lindsey   Oct 19, 2006

It Can Never Be..

you said you really cared for me
but that you liked us both
but in the end you told me
it was her you had to choose

but your relationship didn't last that long
because you never really got along
so go ahead and play that sad old song
because you realized you were wrong

you said all you two did was argue
and that you should have known from the start
but you didn't see all the signs that were there
that it just wasn't gonna work..

well that i could have told you
but you wouldn't have listened if i did
even though you say your glad it wasn't meant to be
you know you deep down you still want it to be

you say you made a mistake
that you should have chosen me
you didn't know she was so fake
and its just so hard to take

you say you want me now like you always should have
but i sit here and realize that all we do is argue too
so how do i know our relationship will last that long
when me and you can't get along

i was your backup girl in case you lost your first choice
so you have probably another, waiting to take my place
your not a player, no that parts true..
but you cant just pick every girl then say we're through

you say you like me and always have
and that you really want to give us a shot
but its just not meant to be
you never really wanted me

you say you want it so bad
and that deep down you always did
but I'm not gonna play that sad old song
when you realize yet again your wrong

because we too will come to a fast end
you think we'd make it as more than just friends
all we do is play stupid mind games
calling each other stupid names

so as much as i want it, i just can't let it be
we have to move on and let our feelings be
because who knows who will be to blame
when our relationship goes up in flames


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