No Point

by lindsey   Dec 23, 2007

Everyday I think about you,
My mind you never leave;
My thoughts are filled with only you
And it me makes me feel naive,
For you and I shall never be,
Your just too good for me.

Sure we talk, and get along,
But that means so very little;
When I'm around you I can't be strong,
You've made my heart so brittle.
What's the point in liking you
When you only make me blue?

All your friends all girls, and
You probably like one of them.
But whose to blame you, they stand
So very tall, and are total gems.
Why would you ever notice me?
I could never set you as free.

I can always hope,
One day you'll change your mind,
Or I could just be happy,
That me and you are friends;
Because I could never cope,
If one day you should find,
Someone who gave you more happiness
Than I could ever hope to send.

Would me and you last?
A question with no solution.
But is it too crass to wonder
That I wouldn't be such a pollution?
But there's no point in loving you,
When you'll never love me too.


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Latest Comments

  • 12 years ago

    by Tiiffaanyy

    Heyy this poem is awesome i can so relate to itt XD Goood Job 5/5

  • 12 years ago

    by iloveHIMonly

    REALLY good.

    i loved the storyline and imagery.
    good word choice as well.
    keep up the awesome work:)