What I'm Going To Do To You

by ♥-Sharon Ardern-♥   Oct 22, 2006

I'm going to hunt you down
I'll look everywhere
Even in the dirtiest parts of town
Because I do care

I have a knife
I'm coming really soon
I will take away your life
By the light of the moon

I wish to hear you scream
When you see me clothed in black
I'll be your very worst dream
Cos there ain't no going back

I shall then tell the court my reason why
The hatred I feel for you still burning
But you can't live you must die
You can't live as long as the earth keeps turning

She was my closest friend
And it is because of you
Her life came to an end
Raped her then killed her too

I know it was you, I saw you
But could not intervene
You were supposed to be her love, good and true
I saw you that night and I knew where you'd been

I went back there and touched the earth
Knowing she was laid there
You have no idea how much she was worth
And you don't even care

© Copyright Sharon Ardern 2006


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