Don't Judge a Book By Its Cover

by ãêx   Nov 1, 2006

She likes to seem perfect
So everyone will want to be her
But little do they know
She goes home at night
And wants to just kill herself
Her parents fight
Her mom pressures her
He dad hits her
And everyone wants to be just like her
She cakes on her make-up
And never removes the sun glasses
Her friends ask
But she tells them everything is ok
Lies are all she knows
From everyone she knows
She can't live like this anymore
So the only way to get away
Is to not live at all

They found on her the bathroom floor with slit wrists and a message on the wall "I removed myself from this pain"


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  • 13 years ago

    by ŘÅÇĦ♥

    Man- When I said I liked this I didn't mean that!!!!

    I LOVE IT. LIke doesn't even compare.. Maybe because it relates so much,, we've done good. WE know people want to be us;] I love you doane!