Rip Into Pieces

by tiffany   Dec 25, 2006

Can you explain to them why I do the things I do..
Why I hurt myself on the outside to block out the feelings in the inside..
I'd explain it to them myself, but they just wouldn't understand my point of view.
They ask me where my hair is and expect a funny story like how my little brother got bored and shaved it all off while I was sleeping.
That is what I tell some people.
Others, I just tell them the truth.
I have Trichotillomania.
I'm not surprised when they have no idea what that is.
But it's okay; so many people ask me about it that soon everyone will know what it is.
I can see the shock on their faces when I tell them I pull my hair out.
Then comes my favorite question of all time, WHY?!!
I should tell them I do it because a bunch of evil clowns come and told me that at night they would come and chew on my hair like baby kittens do until it all falls out. And I'm afraid of clowns so I definitely don't want that to happen, so.. I just pull it out myself so the clowns can't chew on it.
How much do you want to bet that they' look at me like I'm insane.
Not only do I pull my hair out, but also I'm blaming it on "evil"clowns.
I guess I am crazy.
Pulling my hair out is a habit for me.
One that is too hard to quit.
Like you with biting your nails, or smoking.
Yep. Just tell that I'm a freak and to leave me alone.
Let me Rip my hair Into Pieces in peace.


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  • 14 years ago

    by Gem

    I've heard of the compulsive habit of ripping your hair out, but i've never seen a poem done on it before.
    You did it excellently.
    The thing is, people fail to realise that it's just a nervous habit like biting nails or picking teeth.
    Excellent poem