All we can do it wait

by ♥kHarIsMa♥   Dec 30, 2006

I wan it to end..i wan a new beginning...
I'm so sick of all the hurt and all the daring

i just want it to be all OK. like it used to be,
i cant take no more of this anymore..why cant anyone see!

my mamas sick...shes in so much pain,
all she does is pray that things will change

my daddy..he hurts..he does so much he's wanting to give up,
its like hes wishing its all a dream to him..just wanting to wake up.

ima single mom trying my hardest to get by,
standing tall..and holding my head up high..

but then comes those times i just break down inside,
an tell myself...i cant do it anymore...i tried..

i spend my nights and days thinking of the past,
laughing to myself...for thinking it was gonna last

but i guess all i can do is tell myself somewhere someone else is going thru something so much worse than me,
and hope that one will change for us all..but until than all we can do is just wait and see.


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  • 13 years ago

    by Cindy

    Very good job on your poem. i hope things get better for you soon. i will keep you in my prayers.