The Last Time

by Bella   Jan 11, 2007

Something you probably didn't know...

the last time I saw you...

when I walked away...

I was crying...

but I guess you didn't notice because it was raining.

The black mascara running down my cheeks

down to the lips you just kissed

not even 10 minutes ago.

And the black bangs hanging in my face

dripping with rain;

that you moved out of the way so delicately.

I just held my face and cried more saying:

"I'm never going to see him again!"

I then realized that I had lost you forever.

What didn't I do?

I never opened up to you.

I wanted you to think I was so strong.

I didn't want you to see that I've fallen so far.

I never wanted you to see me cry.


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