Best Kept Secret or Worse Kept Fear?

by Bella   Jan 11, 2007

I'll be your best kept secret or your worse kept fear,

but there's still one thing I need to hear.

Do you love me?

Truly, honest

do you love me?

Till the moon comes out and it's midnight,

will you wrap your arms around me and hold tight?

Keep me safe from the pain,

while we dance beneath the rain?

Gaze into my eyes and tell me,

that you and I were meant to be.

You left.

My breath,

is gone.

So long.

You walked away,

when I needed you to stay.

I guess I was never your best kept secret but your worse kept fear.

So leave me crying,

and I'll drown here.

Leave me to wrap myself in the lies,

leave it to the heartbreak to wet my eyes.

Let me dance in the rain,

where no one knows I'm crying from the pain,

of you leaving.

I'm so tired of believing...

believing you were the one,

I'm done.


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