Unspoken words

by Belinda   Jan 22, 2007

I look into your eyes
and I see a hidden smile
I know that I love you
and i'll be with you for awhile

The words unspoken killing me
but yet I have to hide
I was never like this
i've lost my sense of pride

I long to scream "I love you"
yet I silence every word
not forever, just for now
until they're wanted to be heard

As we lay here in the silence
and you're all that fills my head
I mouth the words "I love you"
as we both drift off to bed.

*** Written about a man I love very much. I just wish that I could tell him, but i'm afraid he'll walk away. ***


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  • 13 years ago

    by Rachellea Kachur

    Wonderfully written and very relatable.
    I am definitely familiar the feeling.
    but you never know, he may feel the same way but is waiting to make sure he doesn't scare you off as well.