Drowning over you

by Belinda   Jan 22, 2007

I watch you walk away
and I ask "what have I done?"
as tears stream down my face
I turn and start to run

I don't know where i'm going
or what I will do
the only thing I know
is i'm nothing without you

I run down to the river
and decide to go in
I swim out to the middle
I know I cannot win

I scream out the words "I LOVE YOU!"
as I let myself sink below
I know that i'm drowning
but that's something you don't know

I really cannot breathe now
and everything goes black
as you're sitting in your house now
planning to come back.

You're too late.

*** I don't really know why I wrote this one. It just kind of came out of my head.. so I wrote it down. ***


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  • 13 years ago

    by Rachellea Kachur

    I like this one as well.
    I'm not even quite sure why it is that I'm so attracted to it, it's just very good.
    Thanks for informing me that you'd written more! I enjoy viewing your writings!