by Amore and Athame   Jan 30, 2007

I'm gazing out the window
Your picture by my side
I've tried for so long now
To conceal the tears I've cried

All I have are memories
The good ones and the bad
And both can make me smile
But both can make me sad

The tears are falling faster now
As my thoughts drift to you
Our hearts once beat together
But now they beat as two

The music that is playing
Echos through my head
As I am laying here
Silently on my bed

Your heart is too far from mine
For me to feel complete
How I wish I could talk to you
So I would no longer weep

But you'll be always with me
No matter where I go
Distance does not matter
Our love will always show

(C) Athame and Amore


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  • 13 years ago

    by Phantasmagoria

    Pretty good, it sort of reminds me of a song by Tatu