by Tim   Feb 3, 2007

Sorting out the room,
Cleaning out the memories,
Every object, everything
A voice echos from within,
I am your reason to hate,
Whispering silently,
Why, why do you hate?
A reply, so soft, so fragile,
I am your past, present, future,
I will be with you forever,
It thinks that I'm broken,
But I'm perfectly broken,
I don't need fixing,
I will forget you,
Then, and only then,
Shall i drink the water,
Enjoy the life I have,
Once again, i hear,
The faint whisper,
Growing, becoming louder,
You will never be free,
Screaming I respond,
No, never again,
You are nothing,
Nothing but a parasite,
You suck my life force,
Feed on me,
Just as I feel,
Thinking I'm overwhelmed,
I remember,
Controlling it, I throw it,
Into the bin and,
It no longer controls me,
It's nothing now,
It's only waste,
Just like her.


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  • 14 years ago

    by Danielle

    It creeps me out a bit how much i can relate to this. it seems like i relived my experience ever again, this is very well written. as a reader you have taken me from in front of the computer and placed me into a past reality, something that doesn't happen often. well done, i really like it.