by Rayarra Jones   Mar 12, 2007

I loved him I swear I did
he meant everything to me
the father of my kid
jus couldn't stray from being a G
He wore his wedding band
in the same hand he held his gun
carried his bags of crack
in the same arms he held his son
He kissed me with the same lips
he used to spit his game
I hugged the very same neck
that held his stolen chain
When we met I was so young
he said he would get jumped out of the set
I admit I was quite dumb
cuz I believed everything he said
I used to cry my eyes out
those nights he didn't come home
I pictured him being dead
or dying in an alley way all alone
"where's my daddy at?"
"he's out working late tonight"
didn't take lil Antwon long
to know what goes on under street lights
Lil Antwon became Ant
and he changed his childish ways
he started acting just like his daddy
and what was I supposed to say?
Staying up late at night
got different girls sneakin in my home
age 14 he got one pregnant
left lil girlie all alone
Daddy was never home
can't raise a man by a womans hand
I tried to do it all alone
but its easier tryna run through wet sand
At age 15 he was already arrested
age 16 he helped murder a man
age 20 he's still behind bars
his gang tatted on his hand
Age 24 sitin right next to his father
a father and son grown up G's
no one to come and visit them
no one except for me
No money for convisary
Gotta watch they backs when they go to change
father and son on a war path
caught up in different gangs
(Headline: Son stabs father to death
one gang against another
then turned around and killed himself
leaving now a widow and ex mother)

I loved them both
I swear I did
They meant everything to me
My husband and my kid
jus couldn't stray from being G's


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