The Glowing Star

by Yasmine   Mar 27, 2007

Ignorant, arrogant!!
Are not to be blamed!
How could they claim?
The star is tiny and plain!!
Can they climb up?
Or, afraid to say
With bare feet,
Short arms and sight
Too high to rise, see
And reach for the stars!!
Do they know?
The name of the game..!
Or too hard to play!!
Can they breathe??
The breath of fresh air..!
Or obscure with a haze!!
Can they taste..?
The nectar of the heart..!
Or unable to perceive!!
Pity, is all that I feel!!
For the jealous observers
Of the glowing star!!


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  • 12 years ago

    by The Black Rose

    I love it, very strong poem. :) is it ok to make a picture with that line in it???