by Moon Princess   Apr 9, 2007

He was found splattered on the ground,
beside a high-rise building.
With a heart-shaped cut, on his chest,
and a note that said you killed him.

His blood was like a moving river,
that drained down the gutter.
Like his heart you so carelessly tossed away,
and made him become a cutter.

His tears still stained his cheek,
that had fallen so fast and thick.
As he peered over, the ledge of the building,
and thought this would be 'over' quick.

His skins tattered pieces,
whispered in the breeze.
Reminding us of the words you so malisciously said,
even when he mumbled "stop, please".

His scars stain the porceleine skin,
from the razor that went so deep.
Though your words dug deeper than a razor ever would,
and haunted him through his sleep.

His eyes were tightly closed shut,
when you said the words so cruelly true.
As he fell through the windless air,
with your words "I never loved you".


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