by Moon Princess   Apr 29, 2007

"She's crying again mama"
said the little girls voice.
"Be quiet darling,
she's made her choice".

"But mama she's blaming you,
how can this be?"
"I don't know dear child,
now leave me be".

"Mama she's bleeding now"
the little girls voice cut in.
Mama replied so cruelly
"She thinks SHE can win?"

"Mama the police are here,
is that little girl really dead?"
The little girl can no longer see mama,
nor hear what she would've said.

"Mama why am I bleeding?
I don't remember doing this.
I'm only six years old,
I haven't even got my very first kiss!"

"Shut-up little girl,
die and leave me alone.
I never wanted you anyway,
in my stomach or in my home:.

"Mama you shouldn't have said that,
you can't fight off a ghost.
Whoopsees, you cut your wrist too,
let's drink your blood to a toast".

"To sweet mama, my beautiful dear,
who kept me close and always near.
So close that she watched me die,
with a smile on her lips, and not a single cry.
I became a ghost, haunting you,
speaking in your ear, in everything you say and do.
You humiliated me, and took me to the slaughter,
now I'll take you with me.
Love Forever
Your six year old daughter."

An old one


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  • Dat is 1 of d best poems i hav ever heard well done

  • 14 years ago

    by Tamsin

    This is really really good, thanks for sharing :)