My Eternal Grief...

by NightSerenity   Apr 15, 2007

The presence of emptiness
I have lost you my beloved
Felt as everything turned to dust
The wind blows with anger, so cold
Lets these autumn leaves sway
And wipes the tears I've shed
For my precious loss
As the rain falls in this cold night
His frozen body lays beside me
Warmth with my breath

Lost in thy eyes full of love
I cry your death

Now, left the last miles' stone
A gaze with worry thoughts I bear
In the dark, a doleful stare
I listen to your soothing voice
Shattered by these words of yours

As I dwell in a slumber world
It was your last breath, I sigh
Before our stares sundered forever
This withering flower in my hands
Thus dies as thee
Let me join you in this eternal sleep
Our hands are entwined as our lives


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