You taught me...

by Twistd StoRY   May 21, 2007

Your waiting at the end of this tunnel,
Wanting to come to you so fast, but I'm only going slow.

Wishing you could understand, every now and then a car crash to slow us down.

you taught me how to love you,
how to respect myself
and you taught me how to be myself around myself.

I wish you knew how far along I am in this tunnel...

I far Ive gotten from where I was until I met you.

You don't really understand but you try,
I know you can only help get half way, but so far
its full speed ahead.

You don't believe me because of old lies,
if I could go back I would change time.

If it wasn't for you I'd be one of them, I'd be stuck in the car crash on the other side,
but I'm steadily moving towards you not too fast and maybe too slow but I'm coming...

I'm more than half way now. and every now and then you'll put up a sign.

Thanks to you I know how... you were the one who taught me how...


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