No one cares

by kayla harris   May 22, 2007

No-one really cares how i do
there always looking over me and through
have you ever had someone close
that just made you mad and you turned to drugs for an overdose?
no really this is true have you ever felt like that's what you had to do?

let it go just wait and your time will come don't let people ignore you or you'll soon see what you'll become
open your eyes its just days away someone will turn and walk away
I'm really not play-in it happens everyday your love your love will fade away

no-one cares about me but guess what I'm here and they'll see what i can be


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  • I feel the same way keep writing maybe you can check out some of mine :)

  • 13 years ago

    by SWEET PEA 318

    I understand just how u feel sometime i feel that same way. well keep writing

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