Higher Learning

by Beautiful Chaos   Jun 13, 2007

High school goes on by,
You never did fit in,
But college will be different,
You can feel it deep within.

Entering the outside world,
Much too far from home,
Nothing's what you thought it was,
In emptiness you roam.

In the deep of night,
The devil comes to call,
Seducing every weakness,
Pushing you to fall.

One foot in, you can't get out,
Your heart now filled with fear,
For everything you think you've lost,
And all that you hold dear.

Racial slurs flow with ease,
Fists fueled by rejection,
You've lost yourself along the way,
Can make no real connection.

Pressured by your lonely heart,
You stand to face your fate,
Through the barrel of a rifle,
You spread their vicious hate.

Faced with all you come to do,
You hate yourself much more,
You turned the gun upon yourself,
To end this bitter war.

All it took was one wayward soul,
Lost among the crowd,
To change the lives of every being,
For pain screams oh so loud.

(Done for a movie contest)


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  • 17 years ago

    by Daisy if you do

    Seen where you wrote it for a movie contest, but, geesh it seems as though it was written about the tragedy in Virginia with the college students. Suicide is not escape, though the revenge they have suffered is echoed through the sounds of shots ringing in our ears. This had an eerie feeling to it, I enjoyed it and thought the flow was awesome.
    Great Job,

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