Never Seen A Father

by Eman D   Jul 2, 2007

16 years of being fatherless
Many more years to come
The biggest tragedy in my life,
My dad doesn't even know his own son.

I always knew where to find you
Never did you leave
For some reason I still feel abandoned
Fatherless the moment I started to breathe

The only time we speak,
is when we argue
I'm at fault for this,
but so are you.

You are my creator
But don't ask for respect
Don't ask for anything
Cause for you, I have nothing left.

I am not you
So don't tell me we're the same
A father figure is the missing piece in my life
For this, I have you to blame

Why do I even look
Its a waste of my time to bother
No matter how many times I look in your eyes,
I'll never see a father.


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Latest Comments

  • 12 years ago

    by Not

    This is so sad but i can 100% relate i have the same kind of "relationship" with my "father" so i totally understand this poem and thats why i love it so much , the first and second stanza are awesome, great write!!!...=]

  • 12 years ago

    by Xx Chrissi xX

    Those last two lines really hit home. it was a nice poem, although the story behind it is sad :( xx