Don't Fail Me Now

by kate   Jul 9, 2007

Here i sit...
thinking about the one thing that torments me
i wonder if being friends with her is really worth it,
sometimes i think it is
but at other times my bad side gets the best of me;
and i dont think that it is
but i love spending time with her
and talking to her
just... being around her over all
but i hate fighting with her all the time
hurting her feelings
and having to feel guilty
is it time?
is it really time to let her go?
i need more time to think about this..
i could give her 3 more years of my life
and cry my eyes out when we finally say our goodbyes
all because i didn't wanna let her go
and i'm too attached
i could just let go now
and save my tears
oh god,
both things seem so terrible
and at this point
i don't want to listen to my heart
because i'm afraid...
that it just might;
fail me.


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