by shenoa   Jul 9, 2007

Loose strings pulled from bloody slits
a heart once held together by every stitch
take hold of it now, it's no longer mine
when i hear the whispers, oh so kind

they tell me to listen as i scream in pain
they say I'm just hurt, not insane
uncontrolled lurches, heaves of blood
my death has come from the hand i love

my mind quaking with tremors of doubt and unjust belief
my skin burns with such poetic release
my veins scream, a cry of dismay
but the whispers tell me it'll be OK

acid tears scorch with each sob
gashing flesh with every drop
raking nails tear away strips of skin
twisted bones, crack, break, and cut from within

clenched teeth shatter, slit from tip to gut
screams drowned out by a mouth of blood
my vision fades to shades of gray
but the whispers tell me it'll be OK

pain overwhelms, seduction suicide
sweetens the pills smooths the slide
pain stops fighting for the final day
as the whispers tell me it'll be OK


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Latest Comments

  • 14 years ago

    by massacrexangel

    Good poem but o so sad 5/5


  • 14 years ago

    by Sad But True

    Inner peace I would never find,
    Pulling the trigger will be oh so ever kind.

    Hurt slowly kills us, hate will destroy us, poems keep us breathing. Great poem 5/5