Second Character

by aliiiii   Jul 25, 2007

Hello May I Help you?
Let me take your hand.
You make my mind go crazy.
And I won't admit that four letter word.

My heart races as you smile,
My hands sweat as they clench onto yours.
My mind is spinning.
My clothes are clinging.
And not even now can I mention that word.

Your voice is sympathetic.
Your steps are soft and sweet.
You hair is in every direction,
And god knows I fall harder with every look you glance at me and tell me how you feel..
While I simply can't reply without a pit of guilt in my stomach..

Adrenaline rush.
Sex appeal.
Rough and Easy.

My favorite flower only grows in one field.

To let go of your hand,
Seems close to dying at this moment.
I look into your eyes..
And now I realize your my main concern.
I couldn't bring myself to say something,
Nor could I reply.

Baby You're My One And Only.
I love you.
And if people don't like it.
We're fine.


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