by aliiiii   Dec 3, 2006

I say S.
Sexual interference.

I say T.

I say O.
Over and Over.

I say P.

It's unbelievable,
The pain I feel.
It's almost like before,
But now this is happening.

It's wrong.
I know it.
I want it to stop.
I try to tell you no.
Yet you keep going.
Like what I say is a joke.

You wouldn't let me go.
Pulling me down with you.
I got you off.

It started off simple.
Giving and Using.

I was OK with that.
As bad as it sounds.
Mutual relationship.
We can be down.

But it got worse.
Almost like a dream.
Now I feel dirty.
And nothing I do makes me feel clean.

So why are you doing this?
We were tight friends.
Why are you hurting me?
Or do you think it's all games?

I don't know.
I want to trust you...
Like I did before.
I want to tell somebody.
But it feels impossibly hard.

I'll try to forget it.
And move on.
But it'll happen again soon.
And hopefully it won't carry on.

Be my friend.
Care for me.
Stop what your doing.
Look the damage you're inflicting on me....


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