Broken but Free

by hana heroin e   Aug 2, 2007

I cant believe this is happening to me
The girls whose life was broken but free
And now my torn heart is locked far away
Never again to see the fresh light of day

Never again will my cold heart beat
As I'm hiding away from the sun and the heat
In the darkness and torture I now call my home
Forever and ever Ill be all alone

These gentle rain drops falling like tears
That gather is hopelessness though all of these years
Thieve collected here and formed this river I drown in
As I surface and face that Ive died yet again

In this life that I'm living that is all I have
I cant help but force my self to not understand
These thoughts in my head telling me this isn't right
My head is always telling me to wake up the light

But the light in my body has dulled long ago
Yes it died with my soul in the hollow and cold
Haunted by spirits of those Ive never known
The queen of the dead on a lavish black throne

Its time to wake up now but I cant lift my head
This is my proof that I'm already dead
But to end this death I cant come back
My savior I'm needing to emerge from the black

For I remain here drenched in the hate
The darkness the torture the fear of my heart locked in a crate
Thats bound by chains made from wickedness and pain
And the constant reminder that I died in vain


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  • 13 years ago

    by LovexMe

    I love it.
    Love it , love it , love it.
    mind if i add it to my favourites?


    read my poems?

  • 13 years ago

    by xXxSurrenderToMyWrathxXx

    Awesome. just awesome. pure awesomeness. please read some of my work.