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I deleted what was once written here. Not because it's any less true than before, but because it should be. I'm working on myself as a person, and my writing as dream.
When it all comes down to it, we all feel pain and we all have to eventually get over it - so make sure your pain is worth complaining about before telling a dying person that it will kill you.
Yes, I've been growing into a terrible person, but that's about average anyway.
---On a lighter note...---
I appreciate all comments, especially the harshly critical ones - I want all the help I can get! And the favour is always returned, sometimes doubly returned :). Thanks for being so cool as to check out the profile, and Actually read all of this! lol. I hope to see you 'round the site. -Me

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Latest Quotes By Void

  • Everytime I lose my head,
    I seem to find my balls.

    9 years ago
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  • "I've been so lucky in love that it breaks my heart everyday."

    12 years ago
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  • If time could catch on fire,
    I'd lead you through your darkest hour
    With my very own torch,
    My very own flame.
    And when my clock stops tickin',
    You'll still own me the same.

    13 years ago
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