by babblingxbrooke   Aug 21, 2007

When you look at me, you see
Someone who is happy as can be
But inside theres another me
She wants to have everything thats out of her range
Everything she hates about herself, she wants to change
She wants to be able to say "I look good today" without feeling like she has sinned
For lying about the statement she made, she knows its not the truth within
She wants to feel wanted, people truely want her around
Instead of feeling like the third wheel, afraid to make a sound
She wants to feel like shes someones shining light
Turning their life from darkness to bright
She wants to feel secure in the choices she makes
Not worrying about her past mistakes
She wants to feel like people do care
And theyre not just saying they will always be there
She wants to feel loved for the person she chooses to be
And not have to act or look differently
Now you know when you look at me
There are 2 sides you have to see
One that looks like their always happy and never really has to try
And another who wants to be someone special in your eyes


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  • 14 years ago

    by Taylor

    I really love this one to.
    all of your poems are just all around amazing.
    your a fantstic writer.
    favorites :]

  • 14 years ago

    by Paul

    I really enjoyed reading this poem, it just flowed so smoothly and was deep and to the point, very touching, keep up the good work