Time Of Your Life.

by babblingxbrooke   Aug 29, 2007

God I shouldn't want you like this,
but the thought of you makes me yearn for just one kiss.

there has to be something wrong with me,
you don't feel the same way, but I'm refusing to see,
that friends is all you want to be.

I've fallen for you; unable to breathe and I can't seem to get up,
a little CPR should satisfy my cravings enough.

you know I'm vulnerable to all your lies; I believe everything you say,
about the nights you had with different girls, throwing your time away.

if friends is all I can get;
I guess I'll just have to accept it.

but remember when you're supposedly out will all those girls; your'e just wasting your precious time,
because with me you would have the time of your life.


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Latest Comments

  • 13 years ago

    by Crystal

    Hey... thanx for the comment..... your poem is sweet... hang in there and one day u might get the guy... i know i did....


  • 13 years ago

    by MaSkEdSoUl

    Very well done on this one. I really like it, can relate to everyone. Some people are like that, they cant see what would really make them happy and instead throw it all away. They'll realize it some day though. So people have to have hope, you know? Anyways I really like it, well done. Keep it up!

  • 13 years ago

    by JaM

    Ver well done again. I completely understand how it feels when you know you could be making someone's life worth something and instead they choose to waste it. 5/5